Building Services

Galea Build is a Full Service Property Development Company that specialises in residential, commercial and industrial developments.


1. Client Consultation

4. Obtain Town planning permits

7. Construction

2. Liaise with Design Authority

5. Working Drawings – Endorsed plans

8. Completion/Handover

3. Town planning

6. Client Contract/Specifications

9. Subdivision and release of titles


Our integrated, holistic approach begins with designing the best building for your needs. Our research-driven approach allows us to maximise your profit & yield for any given parcel of land.


As a full-service property development partner, we help our clients build financial freedom and handle every step of the process including Land Acquisition, Concept & Design, Town Planning, Construction and Sales & Marketing.


Having held unlimited building licenses, both residential and commercial, for 23+ years, we consistently deliver projects on-time and on-budget. We welcome you to speak to our past clients about their experience.