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What is a Good Gift to Give a Loved One Celebrating their Sobriety?

Bracelets and keychains, some of these can add small charms that celebrate new milestones like sobriety dates. From weight-lifting to yoga and everything else in between, exercise can help them manage stress and anxiety. Consider giving them exercise accessories like a new yoga mat, grippy socks, new dumbbells, or a paid gym membership. Encouraging healthy habits in early recovery is key to long-term success. We’re here 24/7 to help you get the care you need to live the life you […]

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A Goodbye Letter to My Addiction Sober Living Los Angeles, CA

All these years I thought it was us. But I’ve come to realize that I can’t have you in my life any more. I seriously don’t know if it is you or me. You’ve had such a strong grip on me that I don’t even know who I am today. After all the good times we spent, you ended up ruining my life. A goodbye letter to drugs can often help in clearly seeing how drug addiction has been a […]

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